Bliss Basic

Dust extracted chopped rape straw, treated with Trus-Steed stable guard disinfectant.

Biodegradle and suitable for all animals

20kg £8.15

New Flake  Shavings

Dust extracted soft-wood shavings with excellent absorption. Great for all animals

22kg £8.50

Burly Bed

 Dust extracted miscanthus grass bedding. Offering excellent absorption whilst being hard wearing. Ideal for messy horses or those that box walk

20kg £8.99

Dust extracted large flake pine shavings.
Providing excellent hoof & joint support for horses & ponies
18kg £8.75


Dust extracted hemp bedding. Superior absorbency, designed as a bedding system to trap the wet at the base leaving a dry, soft top layer.

Ideal for mess or wet horses

20kg £11.40

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