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We have a wide selection of dog foods including an excellent range of VAT free working dog and big brands such as Burns and James Wellbeloved.

Our own brand dog foods offer excellent quality at very competitive prices.

'New Forest Working Dog' economy is just £12.95 for 15kg

Norris & Sons premium range starts at £22.95 for 12kg

New Forest Working Dog - whole grains, 14% beef (minimum), dried vegetables, vitamins & minerals.   22% Protein 10% Fat

Norris & Sons Premium Gluten Free - minimum 24% meat, whole grains, vegetables, vitamins & minerals. 20-24% Protein. 12% Fat

Norris & Sons Premium Grain Free - minimum 40% meat, sweet potato, fruits & vegetables, yeast, pre-biotics, glucosamine, herbs, vitamins & minerals. 28% Protein 16% Fat

* certain treatments require an AMTRA qualified SQP. Available Sunday - Wednesday

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